Drive the Change: Responsible Used Motor Oil Recycling

Motor oil plays a vital role in keeping our vehicles running smoothly. But when it’s spent, disposing of it carelessly can lead to significant environmental hazards. Contaminated oil can pollute waterways, harm wildlife, and compromise soil health. Every quart counts when it comes to conservation.

Los Angeles County is committed to greener roads ahead! We offer residents a complimentary disposal site to discard non-contaminated used motor oil and motor oil filters. Whether from your car, truck, motorcycle, boat or even lawnmower, lead the way to sustainability by taking your used oil to one of our County Used Motor Oil Centers.

By recycling motor oil responsibly, we’re ensuring smoother rides and paving the way for a cleaner environment. Let’s drive towards a sustainable future, one drop at a time.

Did you know?

Just one gallon of used oil can contaminate 1 million gallons of water! Recycling keeps hazardous waste out of our water and soil, so we can enjoy a better tomorrow. Let’s do our part for the next generation to keep our drinking water safe and protect the environment.

Upcoming Events

Recycle your used motor oil filter and receive a new one for FREE at the events listed.  You can also recycle up to 5 gallons of used motor oil.  Please see below for dates and locations of each Filter Exchange Event.  Events are held on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Used Oil Certified Collection Centers

Find a Used Oil Certified Collection Center Near You! Locate used oil recycling centers in your area by using the button to search by city, county, or ZIP code. You can also call the Earth’s 911 hotline (1-800-CLEANUP).

Recycling Infographics

Recycling Tip Sheet

Los Angeles County Used Oil Collection Centers

Only non-contaminated used motor oil and oil filters are accepted at these sites. (Limit of 5 gallons per visit) If you have other household hazardous waste, such as cleaners, paint, or solvents, please properly dispose at a Household Hazardous Waste collection event.  It is illegal to dump any other waste and could lead to penalties or even legal consequences.