FREE Mattress Recycling Options in Los Angeles County

In partnership with the nonprofit Mattress Recycling Council’s (MRC) Bye Bye Mattress free product stewardship program, the Countywide Mattress Recycling Program (MRP) provides outreach direction on the multiple no cost options for disposing and recycling unwanted mattress and box spring wastes.

Click here to learn more about the many benefits that mattress recycling contributes to environmental sustainability, economic growth, and community character.

FREE Mattress Recycling Collection Events

Public Works also partners with the Mattress Recycling Council in hosting regular free Mattress Recycling Collection Events across several regions of the County.

Restrictions: Mattress/box springs will not be accepted from commercial business haulers.

Waste hauler performing a bulky item pickup in Unincorporated Los Angeles County.

FREE Bulky Item Pick-Up Services

Most County waste haulers providing residential trash collection services in the County unincorporated areas, and both Garbage Disposal Districts and Residential Franchise areas provide free bulky item pickup services (e.g., mattresses, furniture, appliances, etc.). Simply contact your waste hauler (the phone number should be on your monthly bill or on the side of your waste containers) to request a “bulky item pickup.” If you are still unable to determine your hauler, use the button below and provide your address. 

Residents who are unable to arrange bulky item pickup with a hauler also have several no-cost mattress recycling drop-off locations to choose from across the County. Use the button below to find a location near you.

FREE Retailer Take-Back

By law, all California mattress retailers including online proprietors are required to offer take back services of used residential mattresses and box springs free of charge upon delivery of new mattress units.

Mattresses on display in a showroom.
Trucks lined up and ready to drop off mattresses at a free mattress recycling center event.

FREE Mattress Recycling Collection Centers

County residents can bring their unwanted mattresses and box springs to any of nearly 20 permanent mattress recycling collection centers located across multiple regions of the County.

Environmental Policy and Sustainability

Los Angeles County Countywide Mattress Recycling Program

The Countywide Mattress Recycling Program (MRP) is a municipal environmental sustainability services and waste management program, promoted and administered by Los Angeles County Public Works.  An Extended Producer Responsibility Program, MRP promotes waste diversion of mattress, box spring, and futon material (mattress waste) from landfills to maximize their product end-of-life recycling.  Along this process, mattress waste is sent to multiple recycling facilities across the County, where up to 75 percent of this material can be recycled into various consumer goods and products, while also contributing to local economies and job creation.  The program’s long-term goals also align with the County’s Zero Waste Plan. 

In partnership with the nonprofit Mattress Recycling Council, the County’s Public Works and Parks and Recreation agencies, and other community groups, MRP also works to combat illegal dumping by providing both residential and commercial entities with multiple convenient options for disposing of their mattress waste at no cost. Click here to learn more.

Reducing Illegal Dumping and Sustaining Community Pride

Responsible mattress disposal also reduces the many environmental and quality of life issues associated with illegal dumping, including, but not limited to:

  • Urban and rural blight negatively impacting community aesthetics and pride.
  • Public health and safety risks obstructing pedestrian movement and traffic.
  • Potential sanitary and hazardous conditions.
  • Increased expenditure of important government resources (e.g., time, revenue, labor, etc.)

All of these benefits contribute to new and emerging circular economies that provide benefits to all residents.

A woman's hands lifting up the corner of a mattress

No-Cost Commercial Mattress Recycling for Businesses

The Bye Bye Mattress Commercial Volume Program also provides no cost recycling options for businesses seeking commercial scale mattress disposal, including retailers, hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities, (i.e., nursing homes and assisted living communities), universities, and more.

What products can be created from recycled mattress waste material?

Mattress waste recycling is a somewhat lesser known but highly creative and innovative form of environmentally sustainable waste management.  According to the MRC, up to 75 percent of a mattress’ components can be recycled into new consumer products, industrial materials, and other reusable commodities.  Among the everyday items manufactured from recycled mattresses and box springs material include:  

  • Carpet padding 
  • Pet bed padding 
  • Appliances 
  • Building materials 
  • Oil filters 
  • Textile “applications” 
  • Landscaping 
  • Alternative fuel